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About Speight Construction Inc.

Our History

Speight Construction Inc. can rival any construction company in the Rocky-Caroline area today in performance and delivery of service. But it started as a family-oriented business in a humble setting and began to take roots in 1963. Their success started when two brothers, with the backing of their father Neal Speight, bought two older machines, and Bill and Dale Speight started their version of the Great North American Dream by clearing land for local farmers. 

In 1965, they purchased a brand new D6C and began working at whatever jobs were available at that time. The Great North American Dream, unknown to the industrious boys at that time, would be a “dream” of many long hours away from family and friends; but that would not deter the boys. In 1966, they received a contract to clear 60 miles of right of way on the Resource Railroad which travelled from Hinton to Grande Cache (which was just stakes in the bush at that time) and carried on to Grande Prairie.

The downturn in the economy at that time did not discourage the two Speight boys. They knew the sacrifices of hard work from their early childhood. The downturn resulted in a move to Steen River (in the High Level area) where they slashed seismic line with power saw crews. Eventually, a turnaround came; more machines were purchased, and seismic line cutting became a major part of the business. This new line of work was very arduous and resulted in very long hours and many weeks away from family.

In 1968, Speight Construction became a limited company called Speight Construction Company Ltd. and from then on, grew larger each year. In 1977, Bill left to pursue other interests. The company expanded yearly and diversified enough to handle all aspects of the oil and gas industry. Lease building, plant site preparation, right of way clearing, road building, heavy hauling, and supplying of men and materials became part of Speight Construction’s everyday existence.

Dale Speight eventually became the sole owner of Speight Construction and worked continuously until 2005 when his children Brad and Shawna and their spouses took over the operations. The personnel, some of which had been with the company from its infancy, remained a part of the company, thus making the transition very smooth. Their new company was named Speight Construction Inc.

Our Projects

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